About Pachol Consulting

There's an adage in the IT industry that you can have things done cheap, fast or right, pick two. Another adage is that time is money and if you not going to do something right, then why did you bother, especially if your business hinges on it. We're not the kind of guys that offer the cheapest lasik eye surgery in town because those people aren't going to care about your eyeballs, you're just a cheap buck to them. We care about your business and want it to succeed (we also care about your eyeballs too).

"Is opening your codebase like opening the Arc of the Covenant? Does it look like a transformer threw up in your database? We can help!"

Q: Are you just web developers?
A: No, we offer a myriad of services, including network security, software and hardware maintenance and troubleshooting and video and audio services. A full list is available on our services page.

Q: Do you obfuscate your code?
A: No, code obfuscation is a despicable and shady practice.

Q: Who maintains the rights to the work?
A: Only restriction on your rights for work produced is that it cannot be resold. All other rights including modification are yours.

Q: My cousin / nephew / friend's girlfriend has photoshop, why should I hire you?
A: I own an axe and a flannel shirt, that does not make me a lumberjack.

Q: There's this website builder.....
A: Websites built from a template look like websites built from a template. That might be fine for some, but if you want a truly professional look it's not going to come from a kit.

Q: There's another company that says they can do it for half the price.
A: Hope it works out, you can always call us back in a few months if they deliver you an unusable mess and have stopped retuning your calls and emails.